How to remove from IE, Firefox and Chrome browsers

Delete –a fake search engine redirects to prepaid search results is a potentially unwanted program intrudes without users’ consent. Soon infiltrated, it conducts several changes on the installed browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox and etc.  Once this happens, users start noticing their homepage, search engine and new tab pages option on their browsers are set to hxxp:// Threat Summary Name: Type: browser Hijacker Symptoms: seeing unwanted ads, shady redirects, manipulated browser settings Distribution methods: software bundles, third party sites Damages: Installation of other potentially unwanted programs or even malware, monetary loss Removal: Use Spyhunter to eliminate The main goal of the hijacker virus is to expose users to the affiliated content. The PUPs start showing the alternative search results and sponsored links at the top of the pages to increase the rank of predetermined sites. Users are forced to visit Read more