75 Apps in Google Play Removed AdDown Adware from their Code

Seventy-five applications present on Google Play had to remove an advertising library named as AdDown which was secretly present there. This adware was tracked by Trend Micro from last two years. According to researches, this adware generates commercial ads and pop-ups and also tries to collect personal data. It even can install apps without the user permission. According to Trend Micro, they detected similar features in more than 800 small utiliites such as wallpaper, photo editor etc. present in the Google PlayStore. The apps containing the Addown adware been active since last two years and has multiple stages in their evolution and the researchers have named it as Joymobile, Nativedown and Xavier. In the first stage Joymobile, the adware were of simplest version and they can install application in the back. In the second stage, user approval is required for app installation however it enhance other features like internal string Read more