Delete appnhost.exe from PCs- complete information

All you should know about appnhost.exe appnhost.exe, a product of AppNHost services, is developed and produced by Mixesoft project. It is an executable file that is a part of some software and helps it in launching process. It is not a Windows necessary file. The problem with this file is that it is abused by Cyber criminals to achieve their goals. So, if you have appnhost.exe inside your PC, it could be a virus if not the official process. The legit file can be located mostly in C:\Users|USERNAME and sometimes in C:\Program Files. Its file size is 451,176 bytes. Users’ reports states that the appnhost.exe file appeared after installation of Click&Clean -a specific Google Chrome extension that deletes cache and other unnecessary objects. Others people comments that the process is often blocked. Sadly, this is the case, when Cyber criminals camouflage their malware behind this name. It is found that Read more