How to remove POP-UP Scam

Easy POP-UP Scam removal guide POP-UP Scam is displayed on a deceptive website that claims that users’ PC has been infected and/or at a risk and urges them to take a fake tech support service from scammers behind this scam. Usually, browsers’ open up pages like is indication of some potentially unwanted program presence inside the device. Such apps intrude in without users’ consent. Besides causing redirect, they deliver intrusive advertisements and gather data related to users’ browsing activities/habits. When accessed, displays a pop-up window which states that the users have been redirected to it because of the device being infected with an adware that intruded through untrustworthy source. The message urges users to chat with Apple support.  Here is the full text on the pop-up window: Dear : Apple Customer, You have been redirected to Apple Support page because your Mac is infected with Popup Read more