Remove .Apollon865 file virus and recover encrypted files

Complete .Apollon865 file virus removal instructions Apollon865, a file-encrypting virus, is discovered by GrujaRS and is a part of GlobeImposter ransomware family. Like other viruses of this type, .Apollon865 file virus encrypts files stored on targeted PCs and makes them unusable until a ransom payment is done. During encryption, it appends the files by adding the .Apollon865 extension. Following to encryption, it crates HOW TO BACK YOUR FILES.exe file which if opened displays a ransom note in a full-screen pop-up window. The ransom note states, to restore the encrypted data the victims have to use a decryption tool that only the ransomware developers can provide to them. To receive the tool, contact on the email [email protected] belongs to the developers. Users can send 1 encrypted whose free decryption is guaranteed as a proof to make them believe that the decryption tool is really working. Email includes a personal ID that Read more