How to remove Antivirus 2009 from PCs

Easy steps to delete Antivirus 2009 Antivirus 2009 is a dubious application that supposedly defends users PC from malware, and malicious sites. Once installed, it scans the PC for errors, malware, and malicious files/processes and for the fix, it asks users to buy its licensed version. In short, its scanner is fake, it will not protect from malicious malware. In contrary, Antivirus 2009 itself a malware and so should not be trusted. Users who pay for the full version might lose their credit their information to unknown parties who misuse the data to blackmail the victims for profits. Further, Antivirus 2009 attempts to do on the affected PC. These include redirecting users to payment pages even when they do want to, displaying fake error messages and Blue line of Death, changing the desktop shortcut to malicious ones, imitating malware behaviors, showing legitimate websites such as as a malicious and Read more