BLE transmitted by Apple devices transfer data between nearby devices

Experts from Hexway report, when Bluetooth on Apple devices is on, nearby users can find out the phone number and other details of the user who is using it. “If Bluetooth is ON on your Apple device everyone nearby can understand current status of your device, get info about battery, device name, Wi-Fi status, buffer availability, OS version and even get your mobile phone number”, — report Hexway experts. Apple devices transmit BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy (different from Classic Bluetooth as it is designed to provide significantly low power consumption) packets that transmit the device’s position, battery charge, and may other data. This is a part of Apple Wireless Direct link [AWDL] protocol that works on even Wi-Fi to transfer data between neighboring devices. Darmtadt Technical University experts found problems in AWDL that works for tracking users, provokes device malfunctions and intercepts the files transferring between the devices using MitM attacks. Read more