How to remove .[[email protected]].ROGER

Complete .[[email protected]].ROGER removal guide Crysis/Dharma belonging ROGER or otherwise called .[[email protected]].ROGER was yet another discovery of jakub kroustek. It operates by encrypting stored files and demanding ransom payment for decryption tools/software. During the encryption process, it appends the files with .ROGER extension plus unique ID number associated with each victim and an email address belongs to the developers behind it. For example, a file 1.jpg becomes “[[email protected]].ROGER” after the encryption. Following to encrypting the files, ROGER creates a text file titled FILES ENCRYPTED.txt and shows a pop-up window. A very short message on the text file states that victims’ data have been encrypted. In order to return them in the original condition, users are asked to contact the crooks behind .[[email protected]].ROGER via provided email address. The pop-up window provides further detailed instructions. It states that the users reach to the developers through provided web-link which is only opened on Tor Read more