How to remove Angus File Virus and recover encrypted files

Complete step by step Angus File Virus removal instruction GrujaRS discovered Angus is a new variant of Zeropradypt ransomware family. The programs of this type are designed to prevent victims from accessing the crucial files stored on their device by encrypting them. The victims are then forced to purchase a decryption tool/software (to decrypt the files) from the crooks behind it. Angus encrypts files using a cipher algorithm and appends .Angus extension preceded by with a unique ID number and an email address attach to it. For example, a file name 1.jpg becomes 1.jpg.Email=[[email protected]] ID= [0H1Khr79qvNDB4M].Angus after getting encrypted. Following to encrypting the files, the ransomware generates a .txt file named HowToDecrypt.txt text file and displays the same note in pop-up window. Here is the complete text presented on the ransom note: Your Files Have Been Encrypted If You Need Your Files You Should Pay Decryption Price The Steps For Read more