Be aware: Exodus Spyware in wild claiming to be legit iOS app

Dubbed Exodus on third party sites to target iPhones and iPads users Cybersecurity experts from Lookout have recently reported a spyware app, dubbed Exodus, is targeting Apple iOS users. The app named “Assistenza SIM” available outside of the original version of the App store abused the enterprises certificate to make itself to be installed into iPhones and iPads. The malicious app supposedly claims itself to be act as a helpline for users to contact their mobile carriers in Italy and Turkmenistan. However, it has a dubbed Exodus spyware disguised in, if installs, could steal various confidential and sensitive details including contacts, photos, videos, and audio recordings, GPS’ information and device location etc. Apple company itself provide the App store that is enough for the customers to download any software and thus, any third party software would be given an opportunities and even expected to get install inside the PC. However, Read more