How to remove Andradegalvao Ransomware

Complete Andradegalvao Ransomware removal guide Andradegalvao Ransomware is a new variant of BitPyLock ransomware family. it encrypts stored files on a compromised host machine and demands ransom for the decryption tool/software. During the encryption process, Andradegalvao appends the filenames of the encrypted files with .Andradegalvao extension. Soon after that, the ransomware creates a .html file under the tile #HELP_TO_DECRYPT_YOUR_FILES #.html and drops it on the each infected folder. The created .html file contains ransom demanding message informs users that their data have been encrypted and that it is the developers behind the ransomware only who can decrypt the files for them. They are instructed to create a bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet and purchase 4 BTC (approximately equal to 37 thousands US dollars at current). As per the note, pay 4 Bitcoin to the developers’ cryptowallet and send a proof of this to the provided email address. Users are provided free decryption Read more