Anatova ransomware: a new threat with disparaging features

Anatova ransomware a multifunctional malware was seen all over the world, including Belgium, Germany, France, UK, Russia, US. It was discovered on peer-to-peer networks, where it is camouflaged as an icon of a video or another program. McAfee researchers recently published a detected report about this new threat, according to which, Anatova ransomware encrypts personal storage data stored on the system by using “robust” encryption algorithm and then demands 1 DASH ($700) as a ransom from the victims for the decrypter. According to McAfee researchers, Anatova ransomware might be a prominent threat in future: “The developers/actors behind Anatova are, according our assessment, skilled malware authors. We draw this conclusion as each sample has its own unique key, as well as other functions we will describe, which we do not often see in ransomware families.” Some more fact about the Anatova ransomware Before proceeding to the infiltration, this ransomware made several Read more