Persistence of chaos laptop sells at $1.35 Million in auction

An unknown individual purchases the most dangerous laptop containing six dangerous viruses An unknown individual purchased a 2208 Samsung 10.2 inch NC10-14GB notebook in an auction for $1.35 Million. It is believed that this laptop is one of the most dangerous laptop aka the persistence of Chaos in the world, infected with six most devastating viruses. Persistence of chaos: a piece of Art and Malware A Chinese Internet Artist, Guo O Dong has been created this persistence of Chaos contains six world major dangerous malware.  Obviously, it is not safe- it will be dangerous if you connect wireless network or a USB drive. Deepinstinct, Cybersecurity firm commissioned the laptop, an auction was organized and this laptop betted $1.35 Million. However, it is unknown the person who buy it. Guo was asked about this how he came through this weird idea. In the reply, he shared that “the fantasy that things Read more