How to remove Amonetize virus from PCs

Complete Amonetize virus removal guide Amonetize virus is a potentially unwanted program that intrudes inside without users’ consent and frustrates users with pop-up ads, banners and continuous redirects. AV tools detect this virus with various names like PUP.Optional.Amonetize.A, PUP.Optional.Amonetize, or Adware.Amonetize.  However, even when the name changes, the purpose of the PUP remain the same that is to generate views and clicks by showing advertisements and causing online traffic redirects to affiliated and sponsored pages. Amonetize virus can cause a serious havoc to any popular browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Following to the infiltration, it changes the settings of installed browsers that could be spotted on the homepage and new tab pages to cause shady redirects to sponsored sites and continually display pop-up ads, coupons, banners, with discounts and offers. These redirects and the intrusive ads might result into other unwanted apps and even malware intrusion. Read more