Remove –complete uninstall guide

Complete removal instructions is a malicious URL address that is used for the purpose of redirecting users to via ads to the sites containing advertisements, spam and even some sort of malware. Users could tricked into believing that their PC has been infected with some malicious malware or has some outdated software, requiring clicking somewhere. Once done, the users will end up into the multiple redirects and land into the page where pay-per-click scheme could be active. The redirection can obtain personal information and modify browsers settings on the users’ computer. Threat Summary Name: Type: Adware Short descriptions: each browser application gets affected, the redirection can land users to unknown pages and users might see numerous advertisements Symptoms: seeing redirects, scams, advertisements, and even malicious content tricking people into purchasing software that are not required Distribution methods: Freeware installations, bundled packages Damages: Internet browsing tracking, decreased Read more