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Complete details about is a rogue application that redirects users to unreliable websites and delivers highly dubious content. Users come over this site by getting redirected by some potentially unwanted program or intrusive ads. PUPs intrude without users’ consent and conduct modifications on the browsers settings to redirect to shady sties, run invasive ad campaigns and spy on users’ browsing habits. Threat Summary Name: Type: Adware Symptoms: Shady redirects, intrusive ads and decreased browsing speed Distribution: intrusive pop-up ads, software bundles Damages: Other malicious malware intrusion, Internet browsing tracking –privacy issues, decreased computer performances Removal: Use Spyhunter to automatically remove from the system Following to successful infiltration, the PUPs conduct malicious modifications on the browsers settings and redirect users to This site in turns causes further redirects to unreliable websites or delivers questionable contents or both depends upon the geo-locations that are determined after checking Read more