How to remove [email protected] virus and recover encrypted files

 Complete [email protected] virus removal instructions [email protected] virus is a ransomware-type infection that encrypts files stored and makes them inaccessible until a ransom payment is done. During encryption, it appends a unique extension name to the files to distinguish them to other files. The files are encrypted using RSA-2048 algorithm. Following to this, the ransomware generates short ransom note in .txt file named ! _INSTRUKTSYA _ !. txt. [email protected] virus intrudes by stealth without users’ permission. Following to infiltration, first of all, the virus connects to multiple remote hosts and after getting responses from command and control server, it starts conducting malevolent tasks such as modifying window registry to gain system startup preferences, bypass security measures to create backdoor for other viruses, and steal personal information to generate illicit revenue for its developers. After that, it starts looking for targeting the files and encodes them so that users will not be Read more