Nigerian Hacker Succeeded to Hack 4,000 Organizations with Simple Tricks

One alone Nigerian Hacker was behind all the mess up and hacking of more than 4000 organization around the globe. According the researchers at Check Point, the hacker used basic hacking technique and antiquated tools to execute such major cyber-crime. In more than 14 cases, the hacker was able to break the security breaches with very simple tricks. The trained security professional are still confused that how a single hacker can execute such a major cyber-hijack with such simple hacking tricks. Attack: When All Started? The attack was initiated by sending a mass emails to targeted companies public or generic addresses. The look and feel of email is very simple and a generic subject was used such as “Dear Sir/Miss”. The mass emails were sent to the entire addressee at the same time. Interestingly, the attack use Yahoo email account and it poses an impression as if the message is Read more