How to remove Adhubllka ransomware

Easy Adhubllka ransomware removal guide Adhubllka ransomware is a malicious ransomware type infection that encrypts stored files on compromised host machine and demands ransom payment for the decryption. It adds .ADHUBLLKA extension to the filenames of the encrypted files. For example, a file 1.jpg becomes 1.jpg.ADHUBLLKA, after getting encrypted. Soon the encryption process is completed, the ransomware creates readme.txt file containing the ransom demanding message. The text file informs victims that their files have been encrypted and reassures that they can restore them. It further states, the interested victims have to purchase decryption tools/software and key from the cybercriminals behind Adhubllka ransomware. It does not stated the price, however, offers supposed 50% discount on it, if users establish the contact within 72 hours of the files encryption. The message ends with a scary note that warns users not to use any third party tools and/or rename the filenames of the Read more