How to remove Ads from PCs

Complete step by step Ads removal instructions Ads is a site that provides you URL-shortening service. To visit desired site through it, you have to see a 5-sec advertisement. On sharing the URL-shortening links, if you are a registered user of the site, you will be paid. Nothing is wrong with the site. The problem is that the advertisements that it displays might redirect to the websites that promote potentially unwanted programs and show numerous browser notifications. PUPs intrude with some adware or browser hijacker application that usually delivers intrusive advertisements, causes unwanted redirects, modifies the browsers settings and collects browsing data. These behaviors significantly downgrade the web browsing experience and can result into some severe malware intrusion and huge risk of privacy (the collected data could be shared to potent Cyber Criminals). Browser notifications also cause redirect to suspicious sites. Some tricks people that their PC has Read more