How to remove Acuf2 Ransomware from PCs

Complete Acuf2 Ransomware removal instructions Acuf2 is a huge-risk ransomware virus from Dharma family. It was firstly discovered by jackub Kroustek. It is designed to encrypt victims’ files making them inaccessible. While doing so, Acuf2 appends each filename with victims’ unique ID number, email address of developers and .Acuf2 extension. An encrypted file named 1.jpg will likely be appeared as[[email protected]].Acuf2. Once the encryption process is completed, the ransomware drops a message on victims’ desktop in  a text file FILES ENCRYPTED.txt and opens a pop-up Window (HTML application). The created text file contains short message informing victims about the ransomware attack and encrypting of the stored files and encouraging them to contact developers of Acuf2. The pop-up Window contains further details. It states victims must purchase a unique decryption tool which helps in data decryption process. It is sure that a unique decryption key is required to restore the data, Read more