TomorrowLand Customer’s data exposed due to ticket System hacked

Tomorrowland’s ticket system hacked, personal data stolen Recent news about Customer’ data exposure that organizer of Tomorrowland music festivals sentenced about their customers’ personal details which they were given while purchasing ticket, it had been hacked by cyber criminals. The hacker has stolen users’ personal data who bought ticket four years ago for the festivals. After all, the good news is that these criminals have not access any payment or address details of Tomorrowland’s customers. Data Exposure:  Attack in Tomorrowland’s tricketing System Cyber criminals are behind such illegal tactics. They always try to access poorly secured PCs and infect it deeply. Its main motive is to access the users’ System remotely and steal their personal details as well. In cases of Tomorrowland’s tricketing System, they are already exposed some crucial data of customers like name or surname, email ID, postal code, gender, age and others. Every year in Belgium, electronic Read more