Remove ABAT ransomware and recover encrypted files

Complete step by step ABAT ransomware removal instruction ABAT is ransomware-type infection belongs to Matirx ransomware family. This malware is designed to infiltrate the system and encrypt the files stored using AES-128 and RSA-2048 encryption algorithm. In doing so, it renames the filenames of the encrypted files using .ABAT extension name plus a unique ID number and email address belong to the ransomware developers precede it. For example, a file name 1.jpg becomes 1.jpg.[[email protected]].qpnrZUKL-5Hx3ICAB.ABAT. Soon after that, the ransomware generates a file titled “!ABAT_INFO!.rtf” and places it on the desktop. The created file contains ransom demanding message. It states that the files are encrypted and can only be restored using a decryption tool/software. According to it, it is only the ransomware developers who can provide this tool for you. Unfortunately, this is true. The mentioned algorithms allow the developers to encode the files using a key of their own choice. Read more