How to remove .777 file virus from OS [Data Recovery Process]

Simple steps to delete .777 file virus and retrieve encrypted files According to the experts, .777 file virus is defined as ransomware type virus which is specifically designed by cyber hackers with an aim to encrypt all your important files found on the desktop. During encryption, .777 file virus ransomware generate two keys namely public and private. Public key is used to encrypt files and private key is used to decrypt encrypted file. After completing encryption process, it appends “.777” extension to the end of filenames and make it totally useless. After encrypting your files, it creates a text file called “read_this_file.txt” on place it on your desktop. As usual, the ransom note contain short message which states victims that all their files have been encrypted and can only be unlocked by using private decryption key. Basically, the size of ransom depend on users how fast they contact to the Read more