Security vulnerability caused million of USPS users data leaked

A long year ago, a researcher found critical security vulnerability in the official website of United States Postal Service. He even informed about it to the USPS but never received a response. For your information, USPS is a postal agency authorized by the United States Constitution. It is located in North America. It is responsible for postal operations. Last week, KrebsOnSecurity was contacted by the researcher and got know all about this. It is a big issue for over 60 million users, whose sensitive details got exposed. Reason for the USPS vulnerability To understand the reason of USPS vulnerability, firstly know the term API. The ALP or Application Program Interface is set of tools that help an online application such as databases or Websites to interact with each other. This API is tied to a postal Service initiative called “Informed Visibility” According to USPS, Informed Visibility is designed to Read more