SamSam Ransomware Collected 6$ Million as Ransom

According to the recent report from Sophos, SamSam Ransomware has collected around $6 million as extortion from only 233 of its victims since December, 015. On an average, the associated cyber-criminals are gaining $300000 per month. Interestingly, most of its victims are governmental agencies and institutions. SamSam data encrypting malware is active from a very long time. Like any other cyrptovirus, it encrypts the targeted files primarily through spam messages and then demands the victims to pay ransom to get the decryption key. The victims are asked to pay the money in virtual currency such as Bitcoin and sent it to a particular crypto wallet. Interestingly, it demands a very high amount for the decryption key. The biggest payment till now has been $64000 for a single SamSam Ransomware attack. The associated cyber-criminals are focusing to attack big organizations such as governmental institution, hospitals, and authorities and so on. This Read more