Indane gas endpoint leaked 6.7 million users’ Aadhaar Card numbers

6.7 million Users’ Aadhaar numbers has been leaked by Indane gas endpoint Research of Eliot Alderson and an anonymous Indian Security researcher has revealed that the official site of Indane gas endpoint was found leaking personal details, including usernames, addresses and crucial Aadhaar Card numbers. According to them, the evil hackers behind this manage to affect 6.7 millions of Indane gas endpoint’s customers. What is the cause – deep analysis? The investigation was started at the beginning of this month when the leak was first discovered by the anonymous Indian Security researcher. He has discovered the sensitive data leak that involves Aadhaar Card numbers and the Indane gas endpoint. He informed it to Eliot Alderson (one who has been investigating several Aadhaar Card leaks and often expose some of them in the last year). On investigation, they found that this was the lack of authentication in the website that caused Read more