Microsoft Explained Malware Spotted in Windows Machine Gone Down Due Major Security Improvements

Microsoft released three of more cunning phishing operations discovered in 2019 According to report, Microsoft has revealed three of more dangerous phishing operations discovered in 2019. The company has explained about the phishing attack in their recent blog post and states that scammers attempt to gain individual’s personal information via phishing tactics like use of malicious emails and fake websites, and targets the user with money and information that can be used for identity theft. Since, protections against phishing have increased and become incredibly effective, preventing billions of malicious phishing emails from the reaching end- users. Cyber security researchers & experts at Windows’ office 365 Advanced Threat Protection has noticed an malicious techniques involving the abuse of genuine cloud services like those offered by Google, Amazon, Microsoft and others. Let’s start the discussion about all three case studies of cunning phishing operations. Case Study 1: URLs that point the legitimate Read more