Researchers discovers 34 million vulnerabilities in leading clouds

34 Vulnerabilities in AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure due to deployed applications to the clouds A new report form Unit 42 covering the period from January 2018 to June2019, threat intelligence team Palo Alto Networks Inc has discovered 34 Million vulnerabilities across leading cloud service providers, including Amazon Web Services Inc’s Elastic Computer Cloud (more than 29 Million), Google Computer Engine (4 million approx) and Microsoft Corp’s Azure Virtual Machine (1.7 million). According to the researchers, the vulnerabilities were not the result of cloud providers themselves but the applications that Customers on the Cloud. Outdated Apache servers and vulnerably jQuery packages are the major reasons for the vulnerabilities. Growing containers is also one of the reasons behind the vulnerabilities. By using default configurations, Unit 42 found more than 40,000 containers (23,000 Docker containers and 20, 000 kubernet containers) exposed to the Internet. “Research reveals more than 40,000 container systems operate Read more