How to remove 2020 Annual Visitor Survey pop-ups

Easy 2020 Annual Visitor Survey pop-ups removal guide 2020 Annual Visitor Survey pop-ups appear on a rogue website containing a fake message to trick people into giving their personal information such as email, phone number and credit card detail or subscribing to paid services. Users visit the pages like this when they have some potentially unwanted program or adware in their device. Such apps intrude in without users’ consent. Besides causing redirect, they deliver intrusive advertisements and gather data related to users’ browsing activities. When accessed, the rogue site displays 2020 Annual Visitor Survey pop-ups designed by a group of scammers that pretend to be from Google. However, the Google has to do nothing with this scam. The scammers ask users to tell what they think of Google Chrome and to say Thank You. The 10 lucky winners will be awarded on coming Wednesday. As per the page, you have Read more