2000 phishing domains exposed by Security Experts

The penetration and wide reach of Internet has boosted the number of cyber-frauds and scams in world-wide geographical regions. There are phishing websites often categorized as browser-hijacker which cheat the innocent victims. It will be very good if novice user gets a database where list of dangerous websites are stored and they can access it anytime to know the legitimateness of a particular domain. The group of cyber-experts at techhelplist.com has made an attempt to make this dream in reality. They have published a public article where more than 2000 phishing domains have been exposed for their suspicious activities. The list of phishing domains has been categorized in four categories. Single-brand domains Domains involved in cyber-crime activities Websites containing compromised contents and other data Websites participating as a processor for phishing data The office website of TechHelpList contains more details about these phishing websites. The first part of this potential Read more