Emuparadise data breach -1.1 million accounts exposed

Emuparadise suffered huge data breach in April 2018. Statistics showed that of over 1.1 million of its members data had breached. Users have been noticed the information “”Have I Been Pwned” over an weekend that HackNotice has confirmed that their information was found as the part of the Emuparadise data breach April 2018. LOL #emuparadise #emulation #retrogaming pic.twitter.com/6S02137FgI — a.k.a. ㋐SUKA (@Merilethal) June 9, 2019 For your information, Emuparadise is a retro gaming site. It is used to host ROMs for retro games. This game could be used in emulators. The Emuparadise decided not to host game ROMs but continued as a retro gaming database with community forums in Aug 2018. Emuparadise have reported that they receive notification form Have I Been Pwnd and HackNotice that their account information has exposed due to the data breach in April 2018. Haveibeenpwned.com claims that they have received a database included email addresses, Read more