Suspect on Powerful Storm Scout Sniper Rifle for Fortnite World Cup finals

Fortnite Solo and Duos World Cup finals now will be played and will commence on July 26 and will stay live till 28 of July. For all the Epic Games lovers a powerful storm Scout Sniper Rifle (version 9.41) is all that will be benefited for the player to predict the next storm circle.

The player having this firearm will have surely an advantage over the others for the competition for huge $3 million prize money.

However, as per a discord message, this storm scout sniper rifle might not be included in the Fortnite World Cup Finals. So, the players who are the part of the finale, there is the good thing for them. Team Atlantis’ Dimitri ‘mitr0’ Van de Vrie shared about this discord message on his official twitter handle. However, Epic Games has yet to confirm about this matter.

According to the official Epic Games blog, the new sniper rifle has a weather map embedded in sniper’s scope which shows upcoming storm circle and so this is clearly an advantage over player who will not have it.

Some details about the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle:

  • Available in Epic and Legendary variants
    ● Body damage: 81 / 85
    ● Headshot damage: 202 / 212
    ● Fire rate: 1.1 per second
    ● Reload rate: 2.84s / 2.7s
    ● Ammo type: Heavy

What is your opinion? Do you think that the Sniper Rifle should be included in the Fortnite World Cup Finals or not?