Stuxnet’s new version tries to affect Iran’s System

A more modern version of Stuxnet tries to enter Iran’s systems

According to Cyber security researchers from Iran, new version of Stuxnet virus has come which trying to targets the country to harm its uranium-enrichment program’s System. This attack didn’t achieve its goal as it was terminated by technical terms of country.

According to Telecommunication minister and head of Defense Agency, Israel is guilty of such activity without any doubt.

The more information about Stuxnet’ attack came in headline two days after Iran had noticed that the mobile phone of their president was bugged by illegal ones or hackers. The head of Iran’s civil defense agency, Gholamreza Jalali was cited by semi-official news “Recently we discovered a new generation of Stuxnet which consisted of several parts and was trying to enter our systems”.

Hazardous Worm:  Stuxnet is more technically advance

Stuxnet was very big headline from its released date that was developed since 2005 by Cyber criminals. However, this virus was released in 2010 once again. According to researchers, this nasty virus was developed or created by United States and Israel which will be sued for this attack through International Court of Justice. When we “talk about” its new version which were more advances and it was created of several various pieces.

In the reports, it was mentioned that new version of Stuxnet attacked communication infrastructure and networks of Iran. But local technical experts were experienced that it is enough to stops this notorious virus from spreading and hackers left with empty handed. Experts states that “How much damage the hacker down to their System hasn’t been revealed yet”

Stuxnet includes three module: Worm, Link file and Rootkit

Reports state that Stuxnet was used to attack the nuclear program of Iran and it is trusted that this attack was created by United States and Israel. However, none of the country was taking responsibility for the creation of this nasty virus.

Stuxnet in targeting Programmable logic controllers which executes automatically that is able to control all factories including nuclear material separation, one suited for machinery and others. According to research, this malicious virus has affected approx 200,000 computers worldwide and around 1000 of devices to unrepeatable damage.

The new version of Stuxnet has malicious programs in-built on it including worm, link file and rootkit. Worm released the payload for attack. Link file runs automatically all copies form worm module. Rootkit is is responsible to hide all damaging process and components that means it executes inside System background and does illegal activities.

Stuxnet is also able to target the machine which is using Windows OS and networks as well as this virus is capable to gather crucial & confidential details from infected computers.