Spora Ransomware Support Service (Don’t fall in the Trap)

It has not been too many days when our security expert team detected Spora Ransomware and now so many new things are coming regarding this suspicious data-encrypting malware. This ranosmware has a very well-crafted ransom payment mode and surprisingly it have a support-service which works 24*7. Spora is probably the biggest ransomware of this year and has so many additional features as compared with its counterparts. It had ransom payment portal as well as real-time chat window. So, victim can communicate with the cyber-offenders and negotiate the Bitcoin amount or make queries about any issues.

According to our research team, the ransom payment page of different victim can be accessed by modifying the ransomware infection ID. This means that any kind of communication between the victim and Spora operator can now be traced by cyber-experts. The developer of this ransomware is focusing a lot in providing the proper support service. The assistance is provided in English as well as Russian Language.

Our Research Team Experience with Spora Operator

Our research team had a very interesting communication on its Support service. The operator of Spora are very lenient to the victim. They are ready to extend the payment time or even disable the payment deadline for those victims who convinced them that they cannot pay the ransom. They are ready to offer deals, short time decryption of limited important files and increasing the deadline to pay the money. They are asking the victim to give a review about the customer support experience.

Why Spora Ransomware is asking for reviews from its victims?

The developers of Spora are fully professional and they have a lot of experience in executing Ransomware campaign successfully. Asking for reviews is also a part of their campaign to make their ransomware successful. It basically displays positive reviews and story so that other victims could feel confident and convinced that if they pay the ransom money then they will get their encrypted files back. They want that the victims trust on their services. It is clear that Spora has much more friendly support-service than Locky and Cerber. Though its victims are comparably less but it is increasing slowly and steadily. Probably an unbreakable encryption algorithm, friendly customer support service, and build on brand trusting, Spora Ransomware is the next big thing in PC threat.