Sky Brazil 32 Million users’ data breach due to unprotected Elasticsearch server

Sky Brazil customers’ data breach is reported recently by a famous Brazilian cybersecurity researcher, the Fabio Castro. He spotted that ElasticSerach server was left without passwords and called this was the main reason for the data leaked.

About Sky Brazil

Sky Brazil is a company operated by Vrio. The Vrio is a subscription television service in Brazil. It produces TV contents and has several TV channels. Sky Brazil has 57 channels in HDTV in total. It has millions of subscribers at present.

Unprotected server caused sensitive data exposed

The cyber expert soon reported of his findings, which made the TV station to fix the server. Researcher found that the server was opened since the mid of October. Of about 28.7 GB API data and 429.1 GB of other API were stored on the unsecured server. The details that have been leaked are:

  • Full names,
  • Residence addresses,
  • Mobile phone addresses,
  • Birth dates,
  • Payment details,
  • And Passwords etc

Cyber criminals trash such information for illegal purposes. They can even pass such a detail to anyone for gaining huge commission. This kind of cruel activity can cause huge risk of privacy, identity theft or some other serious consequences.

Vulnerability fixed

According to the experts, the server’s vulnerability was taken care of by adding a security password, which means the server data held on the server is beyond the reach of scammers. However, it has been marked by cyber experts as unsafe option for data storage due to the number of data exposure they have experienced.

To sum up, even reliable and widely known companies sometimes fail to protect their users’ data. Therefore, it is yours responsible to keep the sensitive information as safe as possible.