Sarahah App Steals Users Contact (Compromises Privacy)

Sarahah App has gained a lot of popularity right after it was launched on Google Play and iOS. It allows user to comment or message to other users without disclosing their identity. Many of the users find it very interesting apps because according to them, they get honest review and feedback from other users who could be their friend, relatives or anonymously anybody. Because of this honest sharing opinion feature, it is also popular as “Honest App”.

However, it claims its 18 million users to be honest with their comments and opinion however it developers are not truly honest to the users. Recently, all the users’ data were collected and stored in the Company’s serer for a while. This was a hidden activity and users were informed about this activity neither through the privacy-policy nor from the official app store page. The author of Sarahah App namely Zain-al-Abidin Tawfiq later agreed that the app collected user’s contacts and emails in order to develop a feature namely “Find Your Friend”. It seem like the phone number will be used to find the friends and colleagues. This feature is controversial because user’s anonymity will be compromised. Now, it will probably become easy to guess who send the message.

This shady activity from Sarahah was first discovered by Zachary Julian who is a senior security analyst at Bishop Fox. According to Julian, Sarahah harvest personal data as soon as user login the app. It can collect phone number and email IDs stored in the device. And then, all the harvested data is transferred to the Company’s server. Now After so many criticisms, company has claimed that they have deleted all such users information from their server. However, some user might not trust Sarahah anymore.