Russian-Speaking Criminals developed 75% of All Ransomware

According to Kaspersky, out of the 62 ransomware families which were aggressively active in 2016, 47 of them were belonged to Russian-speaking criminals. On percentage count, the share of Russian ranswomare is more than 75%. This boost in the ransomware cyber-crime was also because of a common perception that Russian authorities do not take actions against the Russian hackers if they make sure that their program doesn’t affect the Russian speaking users. It is also very interesting to know that the most of the ransomware variants doesn’t execute on PC whose local keyboard or language settings are set to Russian.

In past years especially in 2016, the number of recorded ransomware attack is telemetry high. From cryptolocker to locky, Osiris, Odin and so on, the list is very long. The ransomware business is the primary choice for all the cyber-criminals. Probably, one in every 20 seconds, a ransomware infected a PC and this ratio got on as high as one at 10 seconds. Now, the cyber-cribbers are using new style of ransowmare distribution and are now targeting high-value enterprises rather than focusing on multiple individual random users. The groups like Crysis ransomware had doubled its activities in recent few months. Reportedly, there were 62 different ransowmare strains were actively present in 2016 however there were more than 32,091 different variations of this ransomware families.

RaaS portals Helped in Ransowmare Boom

The number of attacks related to ransomare has seen immense growth in their popularity largely because many of these cyber-criminal groups promoted new operations such are renting their infrastructure to other for their malware circulation. An operation such as RaaS (Ransomware as a Service) is one such example where the custom ransomware version is assembled and money is collected from the victim using proxy transactions. The renter only has to find the victim for this ransomware which is easily achievable with the help of multiple email spamming services and exploit kits. The technical skills required for managing a ransomware operation has gradually gone down.

The number of Ransomware attacks is going to move in coming months as well considering the fact that cyber-criminals could easily earn heavy amount of money through this. They get huge profit margin there will be a huge rollout of ransomware in 2017 as well.