Remove Reimage Repair (Complete Instruction)

Reimage Repair is a PC optimization tool and the brand name “Reimage” is known to make several computer security programs earlier. In the past, Reimage had developed and marketed several PC security programs which are not in circulation these days. Some of the popular reimage products were “Reimage Community Smartbar”, “Reimage Smartbar” and “Reimage Customized Web Search”. First of all, being a security expert I must inform you that reimage are not a PC virus or PUP. It is a reputable anti-virus and is a proper firewall security and anti-malware tool which is used my world-wide users. However, there are so many negative claims associated with it. The most notable is that adware like “DNS Unlocker” regularly shows pop-ups promoting Reimage Repair on every visited webpage.

The pop-ups or ads promoted by Reimage Repair are probably due the additional program that comes bundled with it.  It seeks to convince you buy its full version to enjoy its complete service. When you have it in your PC, you will see the System scan automatically executed very regularly and it shows notifications that your PC is at risk or safe at regular interval of time. This is sometime very irritating and questionable. This is a business strategy as well because as soon as you click on the “Start Repair” option, the webpage immediately get rerouted over the official website of Reimage Repair and you are asked to buy it full version. It is fully your choice whether you want to remove Reimage Repair or keep it in your PC. But one thing that you should always be careful is to uncheck the preselected additional files or components that come bundled with it as a by-default product.

Reimage Repair Removal Steps

Reimage Repair is not a PUP as mentioned earlier but it will definitely show notification for buying its full version through ads and pop-ups and this could be very irritating. If you want to stop such pop-ups and recommendation, you will have to uninstall its free version that you would have installed recently. There is also a probability that the free version of Reimage Repair would have come bundled with third-party program. There is a habit of user to click on NEXT-NEXT button during the installation process without confirming the additional attachments with it. So, you can easily remove Reimage Repair with following steps.

  • Click Start-menu and Go to Control Panel
  • Select Uninstall a Program or Add/Remove a program
  • Find Reimage Repair, right click on its icon and select Uninstall

Remember that it is all right if you don’t want to use Reimage Repair but you should definitely have a powerful anti-malware tool and firewall settings for maintaining smooth PC performance and for the security for the personal data in real-time Online browsing.