Realme X bootloader unlock and Camera2 API is coming soon: eighth #AskMadhav special episode

Chinese OEMs especially Xiaomi are known for providing unbelievable specs with affordable price tags. However, Realme further competed with it and actually started controversial process war. Realme decision’s to ship older snapdragon 710 in phones like Realme 3 Pro and Realme X is the major chunk for the tech community.

The CEO of the Realme India, Madhav Sheth and his partner Rajen Vagedia, who is VP and President, Qualcomm India and SAARC discussed about the smartphone processors (SoCs) curated form the community. Rajen answered the questions like advantages of custom kryo cores, basic differences between CPU and GPU in a SoC, uniqueness of Qualcomm 7 xx series platform and etc.

The conclusion from the discussion is vivid. SoCs’ benchmark score and the overclocking capability would not reflect the real life usage experience. Even a weaker SoC can last long even if it is coupled with proper software optimizations.

Rajen took the example of Snapragon which was famous for 3 years of long time. While, Madhav, focused on the cost –performance optimization logic behind choosing SD710 in Realme X. He also confirmed about the official publish of bootloader unlocking procedure, and Full Camera2 API support with the Realme X.

When he was asked about Android Q to Realme X, Madhav replied: “Why not? Definitely!”. He also hinted about 64 MP camera phone form the company. He told that they are working hard for tune the sensor at this moment.

As you know, Qualcomm is the leading 5G radio supplier at current and most of the 5G phones on the market are of this design. Realme will also launch 5G phone in India, as the CEO said.

At last, in the interview and discussion session, Madhav said Realme X spider-Man: Far from Home could not be bought separately.