Quora data breach of 100 million customers

Recently, Quora reported a data breach that affected its 100 Million userbase. The compromised detail included users’ name, full names, email addresses, data imported from Facebook and Twitter, passwords. The unknown hackers also hacked the non-public content such as downvotes, direct messages, answer requests etc. The public material like questions and answers was affected as well by the incident.

About Quora

Quora is a website published by Quora Inc., is based in Mountain View, California. The company was founded in June 2009, and the websites was available for the users since June 21, 2010. This website is mainly question-and-answer websites. The community answered, edited, organized and even asked questions of users in the form of opinions. Now, it is the biggest question-and-answer platform with 300 million monthly users.

Quora moves after data breach

Adam D’Angelo, Co founder of the Quora noted that their team is doing their best so that the situation is handed correctly.

“We also want to be as transparent as possible without compromising our security systems or the steps we’re taking, and in this post we’ll share what happened, what information was involved, what we’re doing, and what you can do.

We’re very sorry for any concern or inconvenience this may cause.”

Quora is taking the incident very seriously. It soon reported the incident to authorities; the internal and third parties forensic teams are investigating the incident. They informed all the affected parties relatively quickly.

No sensitive information was breached

Quora uses a Real name policy, means the users who want to register an account with Quora, and they have to use their real name instead of any pen name. They can opt for the anonymous posting after some activity on the sites. So, the users who chose to post anonymously, they are safe.

According to Adam D’Angelo, “the compromise of account and other private information is serious”. Quora does not collect sensitive information. Therefore, the hacked details were involved social security details or credit card information.

Victims should change their passwords

Quora mentioned in their post, the victims that use same passwords for their multiple accounts should change their passwords immediately. The affected users will be logged out of their accounts automatically and will be asked to reset the passwords.