Online Course Teaches Russian-Speaking Hackers Latest Carding Tricks

It seems like Russia is becoming a major hub of illegal cyber activities. Now, the group of Russian speaking cyber-offenders is offering cyber-crime tricks through their six-month Online course. The wannabe hackers can enroll in this program and learn the basics to advance Online frauds and carding. This course is offered on Russian underground websites and it is available in Russian language.

Working like a Carder’s University

The Online cyber-hacking program is promoted as “WWH” which cost 45,000 Russian Ruble (Around $760) and additional cost of $200 for course materials etc. The money is to be paid through Bitcoin or Webmoney. The “WWH” program consists of 20 different topics and the time duration is six months in combined.

The five expert instructors will guide the enrolled students through live webinars. The notes and course materials are provided through PDF files. The whole mechanism is very organized and it functions like a proper University Online course system. It is to be noted that earlier aspiring cyber-hackers had limited sources and were have to directly dependent on hacking forums for tutorial and hacking tricks materials. Some of the tutorials were sold at Dark web marketplaces.

WWH is bringing a pattern of professionalism in cyber fraud courses which haven’t been seen earlier. As per their claims, the study material gets updated regularly and the trainees are recommended to join the classes again after an year to get updated with the latest hacking techniques.

There are basically twenty topics dealt in the course. They are namely “Entry Lecture”, “Security”, “Credit Cards, “Government Customs”, “Europe”, “Europe and Asia”, “How to Find Shops”, “Antidetect”, “Warning up the Shops”, “Self-registered PayPal”, “Working with PayPal”, “Bruteforcing PayPal”, “PickUp”, “E-Gift”, “Enroll”, “Drop Projects”, “Working On Adroid”, “Hotels”, “Aviation” and “Ebay”. All these courses are discusses financial frauds. Additionally, the study material also teaches the cyber-offenders to social engineer the bank account owner in order to reveal their sensitive information including PIN numbers. Since offers provided by WWH follows a good level of professionalism hence they are very high on demand. There students are satisfied with the course material and they are giving positive reviews.