More than 3 million users’ sensitive data have been exposed in a new Facebook data breach

Recently, Facebook has been censured again because of the inability to protect users’ personal and sensitive information. An app called myPersonality has been collecting users’ sensitive data for almost 4 years where users were asked to share their personal and credential details. The gathered data were left vulnerable and accessible for anyone for almost 4 years which include extremely delicate information as well as results of psychological tests. About 6 million or probably more people shared information about their personal life which has been now visible to everyone.

After this data breach, users’ sensitive data could have been accessed in just single click because all the user name and passwords uploaded to GiftHub (a web-based hosting services) were valid. The files could be downloaded in just few minutes. All the students in the University of Cambridge were provided the login details to create a tool for Facebook data processing. Research says, about 3.1 million Facebook users have attempted the psychology test whose characteristics and other personal details are now visible.