Media Prima’s System affected by ransomware: hacker asks 1000 BTCs

Ransomware virus hits Media Prima’s email system and asks 1000 BTC

Media Prima’s email System affected by ransomware

It is the recent security news about Cyber attack in the Computer System of one of the largest media company of Malaysia “Media Prima”. Cyber criminals were affected the Media Prima’s computer System by ransomware and completely shut down their email network and asked for 1,000 BTC (equivalent to $6,000,000) for the recovery of data. According to researchers, it is still unknown which ransomware succeed in this Cyber attack.

About Media Prima: Caretaker

It controls numerous newspaper, TV stations and radio. Harian metro, Hot FM, One FM, TV3, TV9, New Straits Times and others are under this Malaysia’s company. Media Prima is popular company of Malaysia which also controls the Sphere of home shopping and advertising. Due to this features Cyber criminals were attached.

Cyber attacks only in Company’s email System

Cyber criminals were tried to attack or lock entire System of company, but they couldn’t successes. There is good news for the company that only Media Prima’s email System were infected by ransomware and rest part of System is still safe. But the company was thinking a lot about this Cyber attack that they did not avoid the damage was the email System.

However, Leader of this media company decided to take actions by transferring their email System to G suite and not to pay the demanded ransom at any cases. They wrote on email to G Suite that “Our office email was affected, but we have migrated to G Suite. They (the attackers) demanded bitcoins, but we are not paying.”

According to Cyber security researchers, this Cyber attack is bad news in Cyber world. After all, there is no any information about “Data Exposure”. Possibility to exposed data is very small. Ransomware’s principle was locked the targets’ computer System to gain valuable price and give decryption tool in exchange of demanded ransom money. However, the ransom amount declared by Cyber criminals for decryption tool was 1000 BTCs.

More Company were affected by ransomware: Media Prima were not first

According to researchers, rasnomware targets the unprotected Computer System or network and lock it immediately, after that asks for ransom money for decryption.

 You have already known about WannCry ransomware which affected the NHS (National Health Service) in England and Scotland. In the report, it was mentioned that there was more than 70,000 medical devices and cost up to #128 million is lasses.

Renault, Nissan, Telefornica, Deutsche Bahn and many other popular companies were affected by WannaCry ransomware and overall losses upto #4 Billion in damages.

In June 2017, Petya ransomware were affected some of popular companies including Merck, Maersk, DLA Piper, Ukraine government banks, power utilities, Mondelez and other important plants and asks for certain ransom money for decryption. It was generated $135 million revenue from Merck alone.

So, be careful while recovering email messages and clicking on email attachments. All the times, avoid unknown email messages to block unwanted program or ransomware to get enters into System.