Malware infection at USGS due to viewing Adult Contents

Viewing adult content resulted in malware infection on USGS networks

According to researchers, the malware infection was found in U.S Geographical Survey (USGS) computer network due by company’s employees were viewing adult content on regular. They had reached or visited more than 9000 pornographic websites that cause serious issues in company’s network. Many of the porn contents were Russian-based that contain malware inside as bundles which getting in to their System and affects the entire network as well.

However, the unknown employee watching porn and downloading the pornographic contents on their Android device which had lead major damages.  The victims connected it to the System which was government-issue and let the infection network with malware.

Matthew T. Elliott who was the Office of Inspector General and Assistant Inspector General for Investigation, the person who implements the Audit which has recommended USGS strong policies about insecure website domains and monitors the employee’s Internet activities. The inspector also states that employees should be restricted to use unauthorized USB device and personal phones in office.

The reports of Inspector  in statements are “An ongoing effort to detect and block known pornographic websites, and websites with suspicious origins, will likely enhance preventive countermeasures. We further recommend that USGS employ an IT security policy that would prevent the use of unauthorized USB devices on all employee computers.”

Suspicious Internet Traffic: Russian users noticed malware due to misleading internet traffic

The report states that from the deep investigation on “malware infection in USGS networks”, it was clear that one person or unnamed employees of the USGS infect the network from his specific device or computer which has created heavy internet traffic and injects harmful malware inside the networks. It means the main reason was watching pornographic content by employees as well as well as one unnamed employees were downloaded porn contents from unsecured domains.

Official Statements were “We found that – knowingly used U.S. Government computer systems to access unauthorized internet web pages. We also found that those unauthorized pages hosted malware. The malware was downloaded to – Government laptop, which then exploited the USGS ‘ network. Our digital forensic examination revealed that – had an extensive history of visiting adult pornography websites. Many of the 9,000 web pages – visited routed through websites that originated in Russia and contained malware.

The investigation helped to identify more issues

Some other issues in USGS IT sector has also revealed by investigator. According to researchers, the main issues were open USB ports and website access. The Investigator has also states that Cyber criminals can use illegal tactics to gain some illegal profit from such network infection. Their main motive is to steal victims’ crucial & confidential data and disables their computer System immediately.

According to Survey, many employees are spending their more than 6 hours time in a day in viewing images & videos or even downloading content from unwanted sources on their device. So, you should be careful while watching or download ding such contents from internet because it can spread malware in your PCs from various illegal sources.