Look out For Amazon Prime Support Scams in Google Search Ads

Users are redirected to fake Amazon support sites and tech support scams because a malicious ad campaign is underway in Google Search results. When a person clicks on the ad, he will be rerouted to a domain that tries to portray Amazon and includes a phone number to call to acquire help. This number is 1-844-325-7794, which is different from the legitimate Amazon support number of 1 (888) 280-4331.

In addition to Amazon support scams, other ads revealed by the investigator were for the search keywords “my account” and “login” that lead to a number of different tech support scams like the one below.

Thousands of users look at these ads and wonder how anyone could fall for them. The truth is that there are many people, particularly older people, who are not comfortable with computers, the Internet, and receiving support via online chat and email. These types of users are more apt to search for a support phone number and then tap upon a link without properly examining the ad for fishy characteristics.

People need to be very cautious of the sites that they click on in search results because in many cases they are not vetted in the right way and can lead to malevolent domains. This is particularly true during the holiday or right after as people are usually looking for support numbers for presents that they have acquired.