List of most secure browsers

Internet plays main role in making the idea of the Globalization where the whole world belong to a family. This platform offers products, services, entertainment, and information. It has major role in making the communication much faster than that before.

But at the same time, it gives birth of scammers, hackers, and identity thieves. Their never ending growth of cybercrime, data breaches, and inappropriate data tracking cases are the most serious concern to the online security.

Since Web Browser is a main tool that you use doing several online activities, so our discussion will be focused on different browsers. Let’s do a detail comparative discussion and come to the conclusion which one will be the secure browser for the year 2019.

Less popular browser s claim them to enhance web experience

Nowadays, many choices available for users to choose whether the popular browsers or the less popular but promising better browsing experience, increased privacy, personalized search results and other features. Here, we are not going to tell you which one you should use between the two rather tell you whatever you choose it should  be secure and more importantly it must be your choice as security must be everyone’s priority, especially after seeing the cases of the Facebook, Mariott or Quora suffering from biggest data breaches.

Below is the list of some browsers that help you to find out which one would be secure browser for 2019.

Google Chrome:

Google Chrome is a leading web browser among all others. It has recently completed its 10 years. It covered 62.4% of the browser market share in 2018 which is more than that of the 2017 (55%). It includes the following features:

  • Safe Browsing – alerts when you open some phishing or malicious website
  • Sandboxing – prevent automatic malware installation
  • Auto-updates – allow installing all updates and hence eliminate security flaws

Other advantages including incognito mode, customizing privacy reference, easy to manage shortcut, generate unique password added with that in the latest updates 2018, new color palette, unseen icons, and round shapes.  However, Google’s ability to track each user’s step and click are the biggest disadvantages.

Mozilla Firefox:

Google Chrome faces the biggest competition from the Mozilla Firefox. Developers releases several updates in November 2017, and kept the same pace in 2018 to remove any possible vulnerability that can allow burlesque attacks. The Mozilla Firefox updated version, known as Firefox Quantum offers following features:

  • Linux Sandboxing: prevents hacking attempts
  • Tracking Protection: blocks tracking components
  • Improved Control Center: offers customizing numerous settings to ensure secure browsing session
  • Contextual Feature Recommender (CFR): recommends add-on based on users’ browsing experience
  • Firefox warns victim if his or her personal data involved into a breach


Opera is another browsing tool in the list of secure browsers. It is acquired by SurfEasy, a North American online privacy company. Some of its security features are:

  • It offers free services
  • It offers valuable information about the page
  • It warns about the malicious websites
  • It provides an option to block/allow ads

However, the main concerned about this is that the browser itself collects some information about users and could share it with trusted partners.

Internet Explorer:

In 2016, it was the most popular browser. But in few years ago Internet Explorer was reported to have highest detection rate of malware. At present, 3.05% users still believe on the IE. Microsoft stopped sending updates and patches to all the versions of their browsers expect the IE 11 since 2016.

However, recently the company flashed a CVC-2018-8653 or Security Engine Memory Corruption Vulnerable updates. This creates vulnerability for cyber attack. So, this browser as primary search engine is not a good choice to protect your browsing sessions from criminals and cyber threats.

Microsoft Edge:

Windows 10 has Microsoft Edge browser as a default. It has positioned as the safer browser. There are several opinions supporting Microsoft is secure ways to surf Internet. According to the Security Council of Certificate Authorities, Microsoft Edge provides fastest and most secure browser experience on the market.

Some security features of the Microsoft Edge:

  • Windows Defender SmartScreen technology- helps in detecting phishing websites better than Chrome or Firefox
  • Sandboxing technique- It separates running programs to prevent software vulnerabilities
  • Password management features- Works together with Windows 10 password security system

Apart from this, Microsoft Edge receives automatic updates if the users would not block this feature on Windows 10. More importantly, the Microsoft Edge does not generate revenue from selling targeted ads where it beats Google Chrome.


Safari has more security flaws; however, the browser keeps working on it. Recently it released Safari Technology preview 73 version which fixes bugs and improvements for its functionality.

Some security features of Safari:

  • It allows identifying advertisers
  • Helps to detect malicious codes
  • Alert you when you visit malicious website
  • Prevent from collecting and storing browsing related information

Epic privacy browser:

Epic Privacy Browser is based on Chromium open source project just like Google Chrome. It is included in the list of secure browsers of the 2018 and will be in next year for you because the browser operates in private browsing mode only and it has Do Not Track features that means, after each browsing session, cookies, trackers and search data are deleted.  It often allow turning off the encrypted proxy that protect in revealing IP address.

One disadvantage of this browser is that it doesn’t allow you to install add-ons. The company says, the extensions are one of the most dangerous components that put privacy risk to the users.

 Comodo Dragon Internet browser:

Like Epic Privacy browser, Comodo Dragon Internet browser is based on the Chromium Project. This browser includes all the chromium features in addition, better security and privacy when surfing web.

Some advantages of this browser:

  • It blocks cookies and other tracking technologies
  • It stops browser download tracking

In addition to this, it supports plug-ins and add-ons unlike that of the Epic Privacy browser. So, it is as comparatively more users’ friendly web browser.

Tor browser:

Tor is one of the favorite browsers of hackers; however, it is a safer browser available for free currently. There is nothing dangerous with this browser. It hides IP address, locations, browsing related information. It often provides multiple layers of encryption to prevent anyone to see online activities.

The advantage of something sometimes appears to be a disadvantageous.  This is also true for the tor browser since your activity on the browsers cannot see by the government, even though, they have information that you are using tor as a primitive browser.  And you are seen as a suspicious to them.

Which one you should choose?

We have seen that among different browsers none of the aforementioned browser is perfect. Some browsers focus on their privacy settings and try to help you anonymous online, whereas, some are those whose mainly intension is to maximize safety from malware.  Among the discussed list of secure browser in 2019, if you want our opinion, the top 5 secure browser in this list are:

  • Google Chrome;
  • Tor;
  • Microsoft Edge;
  • Epic Privacy Browser;
  • Opera.