LeakerLocker Ransomware Attack on Android Device Through Google Play

Every once in a while, there comes a news about Google Play being a host of suspicious apps, that does suspicious activities in the targeted Android device. Though Google claims that the apps promoted on Google Play undergoes through several security checks and testing but unfortunately the news like always point a question marks on such claims. Recently, two new deceptive apps successfully made its way in the official Google Store and it is claimed to be containing a ransomware named as LeakerLocker. Namely, the two suspected applications are “Wallpaper Blur HD” and “Booster & Cleaner Pro”. Interestingly, these two apps has been successfully been downloaded by around 10,000 users in world-wide geographical regions.

Users easily gets manipulated by claims offered by apps that they will pay for installing their “partner apps”. Such reward programs entice to targeted users to install certain apps and get paid in return. These two suspicious apps were also involved in such claims and this is the reason that so many users agreed to download it in their Android devices.

Apps Circulating LeakerLocker Ransomware

The infected Android device screen gets locked with a screen locker and it totally becomes inaccessible. According to screenlocker note, all the data stored in the device is transferred in the remote “cloud storage”. The transferred data includes contacts, texts, sent and received SMS, multimedia files and so on. It asks the victim to pay certain money as ransom within 72 hours of time. It doesn’t encrypt data and rather transfer the data to cloud storage. The ransom money that it asks is $50.

It is true that uploading such suspicious apps on Google Plays is very difficult however they can easily hide themselves on other places. It is very important to be careful while downloading applications especially when you are choosing third-party sources. Remember that such notorious apps can secretly take screenshot of your device screen and record your conversation and sensitive information. It is strongly recommended to think hundred times before you installs any unknown program in your devices. Don’t get manipulated by claims offering couple of cents. You should never take such risks of malware prone applications.