Internet users may experience network failure for next 48 hours

It is clear that Global internet will be shut down for next 48 hours and that time period, Internet users will not be able to use or access internet or favorite domain. It is also clear that this task will be held by ICANN for maintenance work.

Recent news from Russia Today said that internet users from any location might experience network failure or internet failure. It means that the main servers and related network will be shut down for several periods of times.

According to experts, ICANN (Internet Corporation Assigned Names and Numbers) will involve in maintenance work during that time period by modifying cryptographic key that can help that helps DNS to protect them. This technique is used to restrict the Cyber attacker for illegal attacks.

 (Communications Regulatory Authority) Statements:

The global internet shutdown is essential to check network security, stability and resilient DNS. In the case, if any internet users have affected or network operator ISP have not prepared for this change. However, it adds the impact avoided by enabling the specified System security extension.