Indiana Cancer Agency hit by Ransomware Attack

The latest big ransomware attack news is coming from the Indiana Caner Agency, US where the cyber-criminals locked their network and asked to pay 55 Bitcoins (around $44000) in exchange of the decryption key. This newly victim is an organization providing Cancer Services in East Central Indiana and its name is ““Little Red Door””. It is located in Munice. The cyber-hackers claimed to threaten the security of patient’s personal data. The exact report of data leakage is not clear till now. It is clear that cyber-criminals have no limits in choosing the victims and they are not even hesitating to attack the governmental institutions and necessary services providers.

In recent times, medical institutions are too adopting the electronic system to store and operate the data of their patients. This has opened a new demesne of possibilities for outlaws. They are targeting world-wide medical care services including the US and European Countries. There are profession cyber-gangs involved in these cyber-attacks because every style of cyber-crooks attacks has different from the earlier. So, there are so many misleading tracks that who exactly is the culprits. While some ransomware attack are directly executed through DDos attack while many uses spam email attachments in order to intrude in the targeted server, PC or network.

“Little Red Door” is a non-profit organization whose network was attacked on 11th January in around 10 p.m. The agency detected that their server was locked by an unknown ransomware. The unusual part is that the attacker personally emailed the head of organization and demanded to pay 50 Bitcoins. This is strange because mostly the attackers communicate through single use email address or anonymous network to hide their identity. Thankfully, the IT department didn’t take much time to identify the culprit as it has already revealed the original email ID. “The Dark Overload” is claimed to be the author of this ransomware attack.

Earlier, the cyber-criminals were used to target individual and used to shared their personal data on a “darknet” but this time they have choose small non-profit organization. Thankfully for now, “Little Red Door” has restored their network without giving any kind of ransom money. The FBI has been contacted to look in the matter. Meanwhile, this is another major incidence that suggests to always keep a proper backup plans and follow a security method as you are never fully safe with electronic system methods.